What We Do

We collaborate with you at each and every step to ensure that our consultancy services are well received by the intended audience and exceed the organization’s required outcomes.

Social Research

We conduct all types of social researches to learn about people’s day to day lives and design the products that best suit their needs. Every society has its own unique and different ways of living and might have various views about one problem. To satisfy societies’ requirements and understand their specific thoughts and opinions, social research has always proven to be the best solution.

Monitoring And Evaluation

We do monitor and evaluate programs and projects. The world we live in today is fraught with challenges across the sectors of health, education, livelihoods, gender, human rights, among others. Civil society organizations (CSOs), social impact organizations and social entrepreneurs are, and have always been, key players in addressing and finding solutions to these challenges, dedicated to improving the lives of people. As they assess, design and implement crucial interventions, an important component that does not always get the attention, is the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan. The monitoring and evaluation framework is the foundation of any development project, and key to its successful implementation and in achieving the envisaged goal and objectives. Starting a project without one is similar to starting a business without enough financial resources.

Organizational Guiding Documents

We provide technical support to our clients to develop their organizational guiding documents which are key and tangible tool that will be beneficial for years to come. Organizational guiding documents help organizations to describe their purpose, mission and vision of their organization, give guiding principles for the organization, describe organizational structure, explain how the organization conducts business and governs itself, guide the recruitment process, elections and planning of events, assist with transition of leadership, assist with finding out the strategic plan. Organizational guiding documents are not only useful for civil society organizations (CSOs) but also for any other institutions to better understand the risks and opportunities that organizations face when implementing.

Project Proposal Development

We help institutions to come up with a full flagged and winning project proposal that describes its purpose, activities, outcomes, and the steps that will be taken to complete the project. A winning could be considered as a sales document that persuades the decision-maker or stakeholder that the prospective provider has the skills and expertise needed to complete the project to their satisfaction. It should also set expectations, detail budget and timeline, as well as set assumptions, risks, opportunities, expectations for what the delivery would look like. Do you want us to help you develop a winning project proposal? … then do not hesitate to contact us.


We organize and deliver a variety of in-person or online trainings on different social issues. We are aware that in the contemporary modern era of globalization, civil society organizations are obliged to operate in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations. In this context, it is essential that organizations need to invest in trainings, skills and learnings to meet their objectives. The importance of high-quality training is critical because the return benefit to organizations is often significant. We believe trainings should be top priority since it can definitely enhance the capacity of individuals.